Scholarships and Discounts

For Senior High School

  • For Grade 10 Completers from PUBLIC SCHOOLS – Tuition Fee Subsidy of Php 17, 500.00 through the Voucher Program
  • For Grade 10 Completers from PRIVATE SCHOOLS who are ESC Grantees – Tuition Fee Subsidy of Php 14,000.00

For Alumni and Stakeholders:

Alumni enrolled in the Graduate School – 10% Tuition Fee Discount of 9 Units for 3 consecutive semesters

10% Tuition Fee Discount for 4 years to children of NON-ɫElementary and Secondary School Teachers. (Applicable for Teacher Education Courses Only)

10% Tuition Fee Discount for children of ɫAlumni, who are NON-ɫemployees (for First Year College)

Government Scholarships/Study Grants:

  • National/Regional Scholarship Programs
  • Full Merit/Half Merit Scholarship Programs
  • Tulong Dunong Grant-in-Aid Program (CHED-TD)
  • Special Program-Indegenous Ethnic People (SP-IEP)
  • Special Grant on Solo Parent (SG-SP)
  • Student Assistance Fund for Education (SAFE)
  • Study Now Pay Later Plan Program (SNPLP)
  • Bin-I ti Agtutubo (Provincial Government Scholarships Program)

ɫCooperative Scholarship

ɫAlumni Association Scholarship

Student Aide Program – Free Tuition Fee (for SASTE and BSBA Courses only)

Contact Information
Office of the Registrar or Admissions Office
Mabini Street, Tuguegarao City, 3500
Cagayan, Philippines
Telephone Number: (078) 396-1987 to 1997 loc. 502 or 513